Don’t dredge in me

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past." - Isaiah 43:18 The last few weeks seriously have been gut wrenching at times and not even that dramatic. I have been coasting along nice and comfy in my life car. I had the top down, wind blowing in my hair, kind of cruising happening! ... Continue Reading →

A Full Cup

Standing in an aisle at Sams Club just hustling along with the busy traffic of Sunday afternoon and BAM, it hit me. Out of no where my vision was tunneling, my body was on fire, uncontrollable tears fell from my face, and my heart was trying to jump out of my chest. I couldn't escape... Continue Reading →

Bold and Steadfast

   BOLD, PATIENT, COURAGEOUS, BRAVE, CONFIDENT, LOYAL, FAIR, HONORABLE, INFLUENCIAL        These are all things God asks us to be throughout Psalm. When reading this list on the screen I just think how pure and loving our God is. Look at what he asks of his children. All he wants is us to be good,... Continue Reading →

God under fire!

Intense title right? Why would we ever put God under fire? We're all believing Christians that know God is good! So, SO wrong. I can only speak for myself when I admit I am far from perfect and can only pray for grace from Him. We all have seasons in life. I love fall, it's... Continue Reading →

Who am I ….really?

BOOM! It's out there. What a way to start my week! Let me just say when you find a church and you start a group study with women you've only known for a few months, the last thing I expected was tonight! What a blessing to be amongst a group of women being raw and... Continue Reading →

Keep your integrity

Hi all!! I am recovering well from my surgery , it's amazing the power of prayer! God is good! There were a few times I wanted to hop on here and write a post about something on my mind but it was like I was forcing the words so I decided to wait until God... Continue Reading →

Stay in your lane! 

How often does it happen to you in traffic?  You think to yourself, goodness I should not have changed lanes. You get stuck in what you thought was the fast lane and you look over just to see the slow lane progressing along like the little engine that could. Chugging along, every gramma you passed... Continue Reading →

Anything is possible!

Can I just start with how great is our God? I can never praise Him enough! I apologize for the long hiatus! The trip home went beyond amazing and I am still a little shocked with how well it went. I am waiting for the pinch to wake me up. "26Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is... Continue Reading →

Grace for the rotten apple

I apologize it has been a minute, it's been a busy couple of weeks.  I am preparing to head home to visit family in a few weeks. It's bittersweet and I don't go often. As much as I love seeing family I haven't in a few years I am also slapped in the face every... Continue Reading →

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