Slime Resolution!

Hello All!!!

It has definitely been a bit and my posts may remain further spread apart. I am about a week into the semester with school and I am absolutely LOVING it! This has been a long time in the waiting room for me. I dropped out back in 2010 so we could focus on starting our family. It was important to both of us that I stay home to raise our kids.

As I have stated before I tend to be an all or nothing person. I struggle finding a balance. When I commit to something I will funnel all of my focus on it and sometimes other areas will be neglected.

   WITH THAT being said…..

   I have been busting my chops the last week to get things in a routine and smooth out the wrinkles. I managed to get myself ahead of schedule and was feeling super excited, also irritated I had to stop my train because I got too far ahead and some assignments hadn’t been posted yet.  While I was riding the school train, I missed my stop at MOM station. My mom and husband were home so I figured why not bust some of this out while the kids are playing with them.

School has been out for a few days extra past break and we’ve been stuck inside. So with the gorgeous weather I put my books down and loaded up the kids to get SLIME ingredients. They absolutely love making this crazy stuff.

4 oz glue, 1.5 tsp Baking Soda, 1/4 cup shaving cream, 1 tbs Contact Solution. BAM* Slime

I noticed my bad habits starting to kick in so I started making better choices. I had to force myself to put my books, phone, computer away and just focus on what is in front of me. These kids are going to grow up and no. I have time to work on this stuff another day. It reminded me of one of my favorite bible verses.

  ” Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

I saw a post the other day that has just stuck me. If someone bumps into you and you get tea all over you it’s not their fault you spilled tea everywhere. If you had coffee in your cup it would have been coffee. So if my cup is filled with angst, bitterness, frustration when someone bumps into me….joy, love, and happiness will not be coming out of my cup.

There have been a few instances when it’s been the end of a day filled with bickering amongst my kids, the house is destroyed after I cleaned, dinner isn’t turning out great and my daughter didn’t want to eat what I had made. My pride wasn’t allowing me to admit defeat and I was going to take everyone down on my denial ship…WE ARE EATING MY DINNER! I whipped around ready to scold her for telling me for the 100th time she didn’t want my food and she was hungry. then BAM *spill joy sister…spill joy*  I took a deep breath and moved along. (She ended up with a pb&j incase you were invested in that scenario)

There is something so amazing about that verse, I love it so much. Three things that last forever are faith, hope and love…wow. A great example for me is being a mother, what my kids will remember forever my faith, hope and love…most of all my love. For better or worse they’ll remember. Personally I would rather be remembered for how much I show them that I love them instead of them wondering through my busy bee self if I ever noticed the small things. If I was ever proud.

The last week I have been making more of an effort to listen to their stories, as crazy as they can be, to stop what I am doing and be present with them, tickle them for those 10 minutes before bed because in their mind that love is for a lifetime.

Until next time friends! Have a blessed week!





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