Blessed beyond measure

A Thankful Heart

Hello everyone! What a crazy time of year! We have been nonstop this entire month and I feel like I am just now catching a timeout before the chaos of December ensues! I ran a half marathon earlier in the month, we battled a virus that hit everyone in the house, we went out of town with some friends, then spent Thanksgiving out of town with family we don’t get to see often! In all of this happening it’s safe to say I have been OUT of church more than I have been IN!

I finally made my way to Church this past weekend and, as always, God knew what message I needed to hear. Let me start with our small group. It was a typical message you would expect for this time of year. What are we thankful for? Of course my mind goes to things like my family, our health, our home, our stability. Things that are nothing out of the ordinary. Did you notice anything missing? I don’t maybe, SALVATION? Ugh HELLO, shouldn’t that be my number 1?! I take it for granted most days and don’t think twice about it. We’re all guilty of being consumed by our earthly concerns and tasks it was just a friendly reminder that sometimes I need to readjust my perspective. When things are hard I will always have that and no one, not even the enemy himself, can take that away from me. During all of the sales this season, I am going back and forth with spending money and feeling guilty about it but feeling like I NEED to get this. Do I really? Anyway, I am drifting from my point. My apologies, I finally got to sit down and drink my coffee.

I know He was in my head and taking note that I wasn’t 100% focused Sunday morning. At the end of class someone had asked us, Do we ever pray for things to be taken away that draw us from Him, even in times of hardship do we have a thankful heart. Yeah, I hope you’re just as stumped as I was in that moment. Just to give you a preview of my prayers, they’re often asking for something. Even if it’s healing or good news. I am always asking the Lord for something! Give me, give me! Side note- is that not a huge problem in today’s world? I cannot recall a time I prayed for any of my distractions to be taken away. I would pray for them to be fixed or guide me how to fix it but never to take them away or remove me from something. But on that note, it doesn’t even have to pertain to a problem. If something is going great but it’s literally taking up every free second to the point we have none left for God. Would you honestly pray to be taken away from distractions? Something to think about. I know with my oldest I pray for good health and great test results. When things are bad I pray harder. When they’re good, out of nature or habit, think Great the medicine is working, this routine is working. In our world, Americans, it’s easy to be thankful for modern medicine or easy access to necessities. Do we, as a country and even Christians, drop the ball on God leaving him out? I know I do sometimes. He gave us the ultimate gift, our salvation. We have so much to be thankful for but lest we forget the great gift we were given.

On Sunday morning our Pastor caught the pass from our small group and went hauling to the end zone! We were in Psalms 118! He made four points that I couldn’t help but write down because I had that “I’m going to need this again” vibe. Although I was certain my mom thought I was on my phone the whole service, DISCLAIMER *Taking notes mama*.

  • The Lord deserves thankfulness all of the time
  • The Lord is trust worthy in ever crisis
  • The Lord deserves glory in all victories
  • The Lord is present in every circumstance

So if you don’t get anything out of this post but these four bullets, I will be happy! It ties right in with the prior message. Do we understand how truly blessed we are? A prime comparison is a third world country. They have to walk for miles sometimes just to get clean water. They have to wake up and find their meal for the day. I know I don’t think twice hopping in my car to go down the street to the store for food. I need to be more mindful to give thanks to God for all the blessings we have. There are people that will try to oppress us but God never will. He’ll always see us through. Like I was saying earlier in all victories glory goes to God. I fall short and think, “Hey I did this” or “Hey the medicine did this”. Don’t get me wrong, medicine DEFINITELY works! But did I give thanks for being in a country where we have access to that medicine, did I thank God for answering my prayers, did I give thanks that my child is in the care of the amazing doctors put in our life? See, I drop the ball a lot. FUMBLE! BUT thankfully God doesn’t tackle me and break my leg. Instead just hands me the ball and points me down the field. He is always with us. Even when I feel the most alone and vulnerable, He is with me. Thankful for a loving God that never leaves.

We got to experience our first Christmas Tree lighting with our church and the surrounding community this past weekend and it was nothing short of amazing. People of all demographics were together to celebrate the birth of Christ. There were no arguments, no bickering, nothing but smiles, praises and sending glory to God. Seriously something magical to experience in today’s times. My kids were so excited to sing carols around the tree and listen to the choirs of the local churches, including getting to see some of our favorite people!


I am so thankful for the church we were brought to this year. They may not know it but they have had such an impact on our lives. I am thankful for a pastor that teaches the word for what it is. That he doesn’t contort it to what he wants it to say. I am thankful for our small group for never being judgmental and being a kind and loving place. We all have the same goal, to be closer to God and be great parents to the next generation. I am thankful for the people that teach our children. My youngest asked me to pray for daddy in the middle of lunch. Way out of my comfort zone, but she didn’t care and waited patiently until I did. These people are helping guide my kids through their journey and I love watching them grow in their faith.

Until next time friends! I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving!


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