Where’s my body!?

Can you imagine? Just a floating head bobbling around, zooming through peoples lives. Not interacting but creepily poking through the highlights of their life. No concept of time just hopping from one house to the next, may be across the street or across the globe. Look a puppy…ooo a baby….no she didn’t….oh my word I wouldn’t wear that. Mindless surfing, a really foggy starting point with no real end in sight. WAIT A HOT MINUTE!!!! Where did my legs go? Where is my body? Things just got a little weird around here!

Kind of crazy to think about but that’s what we’re turning into. We’re just faces in a world that we physically cant touch. We’re so involved in what’s in our hands we’re missing what’s right in front of us.

I went to a Beth Moore simulcast a couple of weeks ago and this topic really hit me square in the gut! She talked about how we put boundaries on absolutely everything except our technology. What really struck me the hardest was when she talked about when we meet Jesus and he asks us why we didn’t help him when he was hungry, cold,  in distress? We’ll most likely say, But Jesus we never saw you! He’ll tell us that we never looked up!

Are we missing life in front of us? I know I am so guilty and every time I hear a sermon or in my bible I think I need to better myself! Then I get caught up in the daily grind. I hate that there are times I literally am on my phone surfing social media for an HOUR! Where did the time go? I definitely could be doing something more, like playing with my kids, engaging in conversations, in my bible, working out! So many more important things but what’s THE important thing? I can picture Jesus ” Ummm Hello it’s me you’re looking for”.

We can skip going to church and just pick a pod cast that gives us the warm and fuzzies. Nothing makes you feel uncomfortable, nothing is making you grow. You’re just stamping your time card with the big man! In Isaiah we’re told we become what we worship, have our phones become idols? I know personally I will text you in a heart beat but the thought of having to call someone literally gives me the heebs! My son gets birthday invites and when I don’t see an email to rsvp I cringe thinking about having to call. If I can’t tell someone we’d love to go to a 6 year olds birthday party how can I spread the word of God? That’s a tough pill to  swallow.

Another point Beth Moore made was while we’re being bodiless noggins floating aimlessly around we’ve become voices instead of actual servants. She explained that we’re quick to post a meme or share an inspirational status but we’re slow to actually live out what the Bible asks us to. Example being love thy neighbor! Everyone and their bobbily bobble head is posting how we should love and love fully but actually just flipped off the guy down the street for not moving over on the road as far as they thought he should. Or anything for that matter. The point is, and I know I do this, we are posting light instead of being light.  We’re becoming personas instead of people and we’re hiding from God in public.

So how do we get our bodies back? I want to grow my limbs and branch out! (see what I did there hahaha) I know for me I need to open myself up. I need to help someone do something, anything really! Is that not how we become a body of Christ? We help one another no matter what? Maybe a ministry or go on a mission trip. I don’t know but I know God has a distinct purpose for each of his children and if we don’t look up from the screen we’re going to miss our callings. As for now I know I need to hit the good book some more and really think about how I am spending my time. Do I really want to be remembered by my social media or the legacy of  a fun loving Godly woman?

Have a blessed week (what’s left of it) and weekend!!! I pray for the body of Christ, that we become re-embodied and start growing ourselves back into the church. That we plant our roots and we spread throughout every crack that is missing God. We cannot expect change while staying behind a screen. Lord I ask that you help us all find our paths and help us look up and see you where you are hidden in the chaos of the world today.


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