Keep your integrity

Hi all!! I am recovering well from my surgery , it’s amazing the power of prayer! God is good! There were a few times I wanted to hop on here and write a post about something on my mind but it was like I was forcing the words so I decided to wait until God put something in my heart and WOW did he deliver!

I cannot take full credit for the thoughts, I asked for permission to use my friends message she gave this morning in our small group. She went with the youth of our church to a camp and came back to tell us all about it! It’s crazy you wouldn’t think a message for a group of tweens would be so powerful to us as adults. The whole time she was talking today it was like YES I hear you loud and clear! She asked us to read 1 SAMUEL 24.

This whole passage tells us how when David was in the cave with his men and Saul went straight into their path. David’s men were telling him this was God giving him the power to as he wished with him. As David cut Saul’s robe his guilt over powered him. He knew that the Lord forbids attacking someone anointed by the Lord himself. As David held his men back from killing Saul and waited for him to leave the cave he shouted out to Saul who was on his way. He let him know that he would never harm him and showed the piece of robe he had cut proving he could have killed him if that’s what he wanted to do. He confessed the Lord is the judge between them. Saul told David how he was a better man than he. David and his men went back to the cave and Saul went home.

In perspective of my everyday life this spoke to me. When we are given opportunities to do things we know are sinful we tend to cave when those around us are cheering on for us to do it. Gossip, drinking, cursing, you name it and it’s so common. Do we turn a cheek to it because we don’t have to answer for it now? God will judge us and I hope when that day comes I can be proud of the person before him. I can only pray to continue to better myself daily. There will always be people trying to steer you in the direction of sin but as Christians it is our faith that keeps us strong. Without relying on God what do we have?

It was a topic last week that we often turn to our friends and family for life decisions instead of being in prayer about it. I guess I don’t even think about it. If something comes up I tend to automatically turn to my husband, family then friends. Where is God in there? Who truly has the power over what is going to happen. Who truly will help lead me down the right path. In the flesh we are so flawed so why would I turn to flesh to help me make my decision instead of God? I know it’s something I have to work on. I need to be in prayer more.

I can tell you through personal experience how prayer has helped me keep my integrity. When people fail me and make me question my value I tend to lose sight of the person God has created in me. I AM a good person. When given the opportunity to tear down those that have torn us down we should keep our integrity. We need to stay in our faith. David could have killed Saul but he didn’t. The guilt he felt for taking a corner of his robe was hard enough on him that he knew what God wanted him to do. Even though at times it is easier to do what we want to do, we need to think about what God would want us to do.

After class we sang What a friend we have in Jesus from our hymn books. As if I wasn’t getting the message in class God really wanted to hit the message home for me. “Have we trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere? We should never be discouraged. Take it to the Lord in prayer.” HELLO! Yes, who better knows the temptations we face, the trials we will have? Then you better to turn to?! The one who knows the way. Then fully rely on him. I know through my experiences when it was more convenient to just do my own thing nothing but chaos was sure to come. Since I have readjusted my priorities and found a church I love filled with people that have become great friends to me and my family, life has been on the up. When things are hard, I pray.  They’re still hard but God sees me through it. He’s never left me, I just chose to not see him.

I hope that this weeks post has spoken to you in some way. It has helped me really with a lot that has been on my mind lately. I pray you all have a blessed week!

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