Stay in your lane! 

How often does it happen to you in traffic?  You think to yourself, goodness I should not have changed lanes. You get stuck in what you thought was the fast lane and you look over just to see the slow lane progressing along like the little engine that could. Chugging along, every gramma you passed is now gleefully looking at you and your white knuckles on the steering wheel. Whhhhhhyyyy?!?! You have places to go and people to see, a clear agenda to keep. You blow through yellow lights just to hit the next red.    

       It happens to all of us in all aspects of our life. We try to stick with our own agenda but do we ever think , is this what God wants for me? I know I am 100% guilty of trying to jump through fire to make my plans work instead of relaxing and having faith all will work out. I am probably the cause of my husbands sporadic white hairs. 

      Isn’t it hard to stay in our lane in the times now ? With social media being a constant reminder of what we could be doing that someone else is enjoying? Envy, jealousy, greed, they are so common now! I started my social media back up about a month ago and at times have definitely questioned why. How do we live in a world and be content with our lane going our own speed?

     I am in a chapter where I no longer get to run and workout like I used to. But this is my chapter to sit back and breathe, and build myself spiritually. I am over the moon ecstatic for my friends as they meet their goals! Of course part me thinks, I wish I could do that, I wish I could be there. Isn’t it better to be in the moment for others entirely? What a great feeling it is to watch others succeed. I know God has a time for me and it may not be today, tomorrow, or this year but my time will come and God will help me reach the stars.

     So back to my original thought, why is it so hard to stay in our lanes now? Trust in God that he has you in the right lane and you will know when it’s your turn to get out off the highway and out of the congestion. Have a blessed week !                                    

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