Walking with the Wise

Proverbs 13:20 tell us to walk with the wise to become wise and walking among fools will only bring suffering. Such a short but powerful message. Do you ever remember your parents telling you that your friends reflect who you are? I used to get so upset with my mom as a teenager when she’d try to guide me away from “friends”.  They were “my people” and they were going to have my back no matter what. Oh my word, should I have listened to her. Not only my mom but the bible tells us the same things. This isn’t just advice for adolescents because the scary truth is the devil tries to find ways to infiltrate our lives forever here on Earth.

The older I get the more I come to understand those words in proverbs. If I want to be the person I know I am, I need to walk with the people that will only help me reflect that. I cannot lie and say I haven’t been brought down to the petty, gossip, and ugly things that we’re all capable of. The difference is being able to acknowledge Hey this isn’t who I am, I am not godly when these actions and words spew from me, Is this true to who I am. I know when to walk away. That’s such a powerful thing to have. YOU HAVE THE POWER IN YOU. God wants us to be surrounded by love and support. I have friends of all religions, and beliefs but at the end of the day the thing that matters most is who I am with them.

I met one of my friends recently for a park date and we had an interesting life discussion while watching our kids run free in the mulch and swing from the equipment. The world we live in today lacks authenticity. Look on social media, people portray who they want to be. When you’re friends with them and you see them outside of that light it can be discouraging when that is NOT who they are. As my mom always said “Never point your finger at someone because there are always more pointing back at you”. I was just as guilty at times. How disheartening is it when you believe someone is one way but you are slammed with the harsh reality of what demons they’re battling. People are so scared to be their flawed authentic selves they’ll do anything to have others perceive them as something else. I know that I have many flaws, I am easily swayed by those around me, I am guilty of not owning my true feelings, I can isolate myself to only a few people. We all are flawed and that’s why it’s so important we surround ourselves with those that SEE us for who we truly are and still love us. They want to see you grow and be the best version of yourself.

I am at a point in my life that I have an absolute amazing squad. The women that are around me are genuinely in my corner. They want to see me sore with the wind of Gods word under me. You’ll have people want to knock you down and pull you down back  to the suffering but you’re free from that when you realize that at the end of the day God is the only one you need to impress. There is peace in being with women that talk about silly things, walk on the beach, laugh until they cry, just being present with you. I love getting texts or phone calls just to say Hey how is everything going? I always let them know when they’re on my mind. When I walk away from being with them I feel empowered, energized, happy with a full spirit, and uplifted. THAT is how your friends should make you feel. There is no dark cloud over me after.

On that note, this week why don’t you take time to reflect on those around you.  Are you walking with the wise?  Pray for those that are not,  and pray for the fools that were or still are in your life. Be thankful for the wise God has put in your life.

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