Circle of Love

I realize I may have misrepresented my thoughts on my last post so this is a follow up to clarify and touch on another subject that spoke to me after church this morning.

There is a difference between giving up on a friendship worth fighting for and walking away from an unhealthy relationship.  

        I have had many friendships thrive and die in my life. There are seasonal friends, life friends, fake friends, loyal friends…all types of friends.

My seasonal friends I hold close in a special place in my heart. These are people God has placed in my life to help me through whatever chapter I am about to go through. They were such a blessing in my life but as I took different paths so did our friendship. Some fade out naturally and some abruptly. But guess what?! I still love them and appreciate them. I pray for many blessings and accomplishments in their lives. They are truly extraordinary people that were a great part of life. They helped me through times I am not sure would have been so easy without them. The tricky thing with seasonal friends is knowing when it’s time to part ways or if it’s just a bump and to keep them as a life long friend. It’s ok to go separate ways, it’s ok to keep life long friends. If you’re a path B and they’re on path C , both great paths just not the same it’s ok to move along.

I have had friends burn me so bad I have wanted to nothing good to happen for them. That is Satan coming in and trying to get me to forget all the good that is in them. I really believe that everyone has some good in them. It may be a flaw of mine but I wish to believe it’s a blessing. I pray for those that have hurt me to find healing in their hearts. I pray they find a better place to be in. GUESS WHAT?! God wants us to forgive them and love them because he forgave us and loves us. I can love from a distance though. I choose to distance myself from people who are not genuinely in my corner and want the best for me. I don’t have to defend my character to them but I do have to forgive them.

These are usually toxic people that no matter what I did it was not going to be good enough or they saw ill will where there wasn’t any.  The pain is hard to overcome but is it pride that hurts the most? Does it hurt our ego when someone takes something we said out of context? Are they looking for evil in us or exposing what we’re refusing to see? Questions we need to ask ourselves before we decide if a relationship is worth parting ways with.

I love being surrounded by my friends that encourage and uplift each other. If you are having a hard time and going through a tough patch you better believe I will be in your corner cheering for you and letting you know I love you. I want the best for all of my friends and I have a circle around me that I feel loves me.

You wont be everyone’s cup of tea and they wont be yours! God is the only one you need to impress and he’ll be sure to have you with people that appreciate you. Lets pray for those that have been in our lives good or bad because no matter what we were taught a lesson through our interactions with them. Have a blessed week!


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