Still Here!

    I know it has been a good bit since my last post. Life has been going full speed and honestly I just wasn't making this time a priority. We have successfully moved and I am finally branching out and making friends. I was not happy about moving and not happy about leaving my... Continue Reading →

Pushing the limits

I am on my THIRD attempt to get through 80 day obsession. Each time I get a little bit further before something comes up and I push it off, then I missed 2 weeks before I know it. Listening to Autumn trying to motivate us as we're pushing our bodies further than ever (at least... Continue Reading →

Busy Bee

School, Moving, Traveling...there are so many things that pull our attention into a hundred different directions. I have made that mistake of pushing my blogging and my time in my Bible to the back burner so I could focus on these things that have been going on in my life. Anyone else feel consumed by... Continue Reading →

Heart broken & Faith Shaken

We see so many mass tragedies in the world. It's easier to just read about it and never think of it again when it takes place on the other side of the world, a safe distance from you. My heart is hurting for the families in South Florida. Just as with any school shooting I... Continue Reading →

Late night thoughts

Have you ever caught yourself emulating? Really in anything? How often do we get caught up in the nonsense things of this world? I want a bigger house, newer car, nicer clothes, better degree, every farmhouse design you can imagine, bigger boat, you see how fast we are to notice what we don't have? It... Continue Reading →

Slime Resolution!

Hello All!!! It has definitely been a bit and my posts may remain further spread apart. I am about a week into the semester with school and I am absolutely LOVING it! This has been a long time in the waiting room for me. I dropped out back in 2010 so we could focus on... Continue Reading →

Flushable Fears

I found this idea online the other day when helping look for fun things to do in small group.  Toilet Paper...seriously never thought my life would come to the point I was blogging about it but BEST IDEA EVER! We all have fears. Some are difficult to overcome while others just take a gentle nudge.... Continue Reading →

Stone Collector

Hello All! Wow, so I hopped on here today to talk about what a crazy day I had yesterday and how it actually helped me grow. Today I can appreciate the trials I was put through even though in the midst of the chaos I got lost in a storm. To start with, parenting is... Continue Reading →

Blessed beyond measure

A Thankful Heart Hello everyone! What a crazy time of year! We have been nonstop this entire month and I feel like I am just now catching a timeout before the chaos of December ensues! I ran a half marathon earlier in the month, we battled a virus that hit everyone in the house, we... Continue Reading →

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